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Disaster Preparedness and Response (DPR)

HDS maintains an ability to scale and facilitate Disaster Preparedness and Response (DPR) actions. During April, July and November 2016 HDS did exactly that for Virginia National Guard, Ohio National Guard, and Louisiana National Guard Disaster Preparedness and Response Exercises (DPRE) by providing support and role playing as the Prime contractor. HDS casualty role players were made up to simulate different injuries to increase the realism of the training.  HDS next DPR event will take place January 4-7, 2017 in Zachary, LA , and is a Louisiana Army National Guard emergency response to a natural disaster including building collapse and chemical incident.  Individuals who live in the Baton Rouge, LA area that are interested in applying to perform as a Casualty Role Player (CRP) for this DPRE should click here to apply.

National Guard Soldiers and Airmen assigned to the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, High Yield Explosive Enhanced Response Force Package, or CERFP, (pronounced “surf-p”) can conduct tasks associated with consequence management, urban search and rescue, mass causality decontamination, medical triage and stabilization and human remains recovery.